Protect Your Assets with Access Control

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Protect Your Assets with Access Control

Access Control is designed to protect your assets (physical and information) and personnel.  It encompasses the control of access to a facility as a whole, as well as movement of employees and visitors within the entity.

Every organisation needs to protect against the potential intruder as well as the internal thief as studies have shown that the most costly and prevalent form of theft in a business is internal theft and misappropriation of assets.

Each building or entity is unique and has its own makeup of visitors, clients, employees and contractors.  When we couple this with the flow of traffic created by those individuals it is vital that we examine and analyse the organisation in detail so that an effective access program can be developed.


A complete access control system should achieve the following:

Only allow authorised people and vehicles to enter or exit

Detect and prevent the unauthorised removal of assets

Detect and prevent prohibited items from entering the facility

Process alerts and exceptions in order to facilitate the appropriate response


When you are looking to buy an access control system we will help you consider the following so that we get the perfect fit for your requirements:

What type of credential is required to grant access? Will it be:

Something you carry like an access card or credential installed on your phone

Something you know like a PIN code

Something you possess like a biometric feature such as fingerprint, hand geometry, facial recognition or iris and retinal patterns

Something more secure using two of the methods above in conjunction with one another

What throughputs are required at each secure point?

Will the system be integrated with other systems such as elevators/lifts, intrusion alarms and CCTV?

Does the installation comply with fire and emergency codes?

While we want to secure ourselves to the best of our ability we need to make sure we don’t create a prison, unless of course it’s necessary!


Make sure you consider these two points:

Consider and incorporate the image of the entity and what culture it has created over time.

What negative impact could there be on day to day operations by putting stricter controls in place?

Fortunately we can assist you in making these important decisions. Let’s Chat

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