You’re great at running your business – but it’s invaluable to get an experts opinion on your security program. Every entity no matter how big or small, can benefit from an independent objective view of both it’s internal and external security controls. An unbiased objective view cannot effectively be carried out by a business owner or employee, and that’s where we come in.

Every security program should consist of the following components:

  • Written Policies & Procedures
  • Technology & Hardware
  • Manpower

If we consider each of the above items on their own, they will provide a measure of security but if we weave them into a system, the individual parts complement each other to create an effect that is greater than the sum of its parts.

security policy
security guard

What can you expect from a security survey and recommendations?  Simply put – you will have a roadmap to guide you to an effective security program that takes into account the following:

  • Access Control 
  •  Physical Barriers 
  • Insurance  
  • Manpower 
  • Guard Force Allocation, Distribution and Post instructions
  • CCTV 
  • Policies and Procedure
  •  Perimeter Security
  • CPTED ( Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) 
  • HR Processes and Background Screening 
  • Soft Target Hardening

While we offer integration services we divorce ourselves from that aspect of the business when doing pure consulting projects.

Indicative Consulting Options and Pricing

Security consulting requirements vary from client to client but to help give you an idea of what the cost implications are of engaging our consulting services we have included our security consulting rates and some standard options that the majority of clients make use of. Taking these into account will help you understand a security consultants rates.

Bear in mind that the services of a good security consultant will result in a cost negative exercise by far outweighing the consultancy cost due to mitigation strategies and loss/liability reduction.

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Option Indicative pricing
1 Day On site with Verbal Recommendations R5000
Small Enterprises. 1 Day on site with written observations and recommendations for a comprehensive security plan. Includes budget estimates R10 800
Medium sized Enterprises/ Residential Estates. 2-3 Days on Site with observations and recommendations for a comprehensive security plan.  Includes budget estimates R32 400
Hourly Rate for preparation of Policy and Procedure Documents, Guard Force SLA (Service Level Agreement) Contracts with Penalties, Guard Force Training Documents etc R675