The Team

Glen McLagan

ASIS PSP ( Physical Security Professional)

Glen has been in the security industry for 13 years and has significant experience in system design, large scale installations and project management with regional and international organisations as well as government agencies. He has designed and implemented security systems that include access control, cctv, intrusion detection and voice evacuation.

Glen adds to his technical ability by being qualified as a Physical Security Professional (PSP) from ASIS International. This certification proves his ability to conduct vulnerability assessments and design systems that encompass technology, hardware, procedures and manpower.

Glen has worked with numerous access control, CCTV and fire detection system brands and his project experience includes countrywide systems for multiple financial institutions, diamond polishing and trading houses, vaccine manufacturing facilities, hotels, shopping malls and corporate clients.

“I adopt a no nonsense approach using my analytical thinking to design practical solutions and put them into action quickly!”Glen McLagan

Struan McLagan

Struan joined the IT industry four decades ago focusing on the business and financial services sectors. During that time he has owned his own business, implementing accounting systems both bespoke and packaged on multiple platforms.

In the last sixteen years his focus has been on fraud related systems and security solutions across multiple vertical markets.

His business focus allows him to connect the dots between security and business processes ensuring the best cost benefits.

“I enjoy analysing problems and implementing solutions that work. My ability to understand risks and translate them into workable processes brings satisfaction to all parties”Struan McLagan

Why Use Us?


We are not only qualified on paper, but we’ve been around the block once or twice.

Business Oriented

Our background is business oriented and not law enforcement, so we understand the role of security in making your business more viable.

Team of Consultants

We believe there is wisdom in many advisors and so as a team with different strengths we are able to give you a sound solution.

Cost Conscious

We have been entrepreneurs since we can remember and know what it means to watch the bottom line.


The nature of the business requires the sharing of sensitive information so we ahere to a strong code of conduct and ethics, so that your confidentiality is maintained.


The analytical thinker is ruled by logic and not emotion.

Up to Date

Threats are constantly evolving and being “board certified” means that we are constantly being trained and updating our knowledge.