We provide practical solutions that allow you to focus on your home or business instead of security issues

At Bulwark we specialise in the installation of Access Control and CCTV systems. Our qualified ASIS Physical Security Professional PSP® handles all our system designs and the Security Consulting division . We will design, install, test and maintain a range of security technologies while giving you guidance on policies and procedures that will really make your security a success.  Our team of qualified professionals and industry veterans bring expertise and hands on experience to every system.


Business Security

We have vast experience providing security systems for all types of businesses.  Our experience ranges from small business to banks, shopping malls, private hospitals and diamond cutting and trading houses.  Our qualified PSP® will help you setup your entire security program as a value add!  Lets chat

System Design and Installation

Let our professionals design and install a unique solution that addresses your needs in a cost effective manner.

Home Security

Our home security  systems will provide early warning of an intruders attempted access so that you are back in control and have peace of mind.

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