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Why You Need A Consultant

You're great at running your business - but it's good to get an expert's perspective sometimes. Every entity no matter how big or small, can benefit from an independent objective view of both it's internal and external security controls. An unbiased objective view cannot effectively be carried out by a business owner or employee, and that's where we come in.

Note the wording above, "internal and external security controls", because all to often we find business owners and hardware salesmen focusing on external threats only. The truth is that the most prevalent and costly form of business crime is internal theft and misappropriation of assets by employees.

Here's A Simple Example

To give an example of the effect of theft on a business, we will look at a typical large retail business in South Africa which likely operates a net profit of 4%. If an item worth R500 is stolen, the business will have to make additional sales of R12 500 just to offset the R500 loss and still be without the item! Quite sobering...

Non Attribution

TMany business owners and managers do not know the extent of their theft problems, especially internally, and some view any discussions of a shortcoming in the security program as a critism of their ability to run a business or a division.

Don't let that concern you! Our policy of non attribution means that we do not point fingers at individuals, but rather focus on principles, procedures and solutions while striving to remain objective!

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